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August 22

We can be better.

In my youth I went to the internet because it was accepting of me. You could make new friends who had common interests. We were free from judgement of the bullies in school who made fun of you for what you liked. Now that it seems bullies have taken over the internet. Today you are not only verbally attacked by empathy lacking commentators but now some people are having their lives and businesses ruined. I’m lucky enough to have developed a thick skin over the years as this problem has grown and gotten worse. But I’ve never seen it like it is today.

We can be better.

Imagine if you all your personal, and private, life details were dragged through the mud online for all to see without your permission. Or if your sensitive information including addresses, passwords and even government id numbers were shared without your consent. Or even if the entire financial information of the company you founded was posted online for all to have. No one deserves that, for any reason.

We can be better.

Yet I see people, some of who I used to have respect for, supporting these actions. Somehow people feel that because they don’t like someone it justifies these online mob actions. They don’t. Now those who are speaking up against this are being threatened because they refuse to be silent and let others be bullied. I don’t have a solution, but I do have a voice.

I think we can be better. So please, lets be better.

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